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4 Layer and 6 Layer Pricing issues

Good day,

4-layer and 6-layer pricing does not seem to be working under certain conditions

If I select 4L as a protopack with max 5x5 or max 10x10 pricing is displayed... yippee, all is fine.  However, if I select:

 a. 4L and any options (excluding stencil) than protopack the price is $0
 b. 6L and any options (excluding stencil) the price comes up as $0

Adding the Stencil option does affect the pricing in the sense that the price goes from $0 to $25... which $25 is the price of the stencil.



Re: 4 Layer and 6 Layer Pricing issues

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Good day All,

I just checked again and 4L and 6L PCB pricing is whacked.  If one selects a non protopack quantity the 4L and 6L cost is $0... Can someone look into this, as I am sure that the cost is not free.