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Which Solder paste

I just wanted to kno which solder paste are you using for your smt boards soldering?
can you provide links where you buy them? (ebay, mouser, ... )


Re: Which Solder paste

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70++ views and no one answer. Can I deduce that most of this forum users are still using through holes parts ? :o

Re: Which Solder paste

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I don't do much thoughole, only headers and connectors :)

I normally use a solderingiron and .5mm solder to solder my SMD work.

I have limited experience with mechanic leaded solderpaste which seems to be the ebay standard solderpaste to go. it comes (unrefrigerated) in small quantities  of 20 and 50 gr. Works wel

Re: Which Solder paste

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I've used "Best" and "Mechanic" solder paste from Ali Express sellers with hot air/soldering iron and good results with SMD components (0803, 1604).

Re: Which Solder paste

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I usually use Easy Print Sn62Pb36Ag2, but I prefer soldering iron with chisel tip rather than hot air for work with SMD parts.