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Microscope for SMD rework

I'm trying to build a microscope for SMD rework. My idea is to use a small low cost Raspberry Pi to make a full HDMI self contained microscope.
I used a Raspberry Pi camera on which I only exchanged the camera lens with a lens coming from DIYINHK lens. Their lens has the advantage of being focused to give you a working distance of about 15cm between the lens and the target board.

The camera I used is this one (I exchanged the lens as explained) ... Sw9IpXzXRR

Here are first results (images took using my smartphone, I could have saved images directly on the raspberry tought). I tried to move a screw driver near small parts to mimic a soldering iron movements, and with a scene perfectly illuminated, at only about 24 fps, I don't notice any image bluring.
While I think this solution can give a nice HDMI microscope for hobbits, I really hated the fact that this "digital" microsocope don't give me the depth sensation. I'm accostumed to the work sterio microscope.

NB. I didn't fixed the camera firmly on a handler, so the images are not 100% perfectly focused, when I was doing my trials, I could have really better images than those. I'll try to make a clean setup on true modular handler and will publish better photos in upcoming days.

Re: Microscope for SMD rework

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How is this project coming along, i am interested