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TI Launchpad - Red Board Blues

I have been working on an add-on board for a TI MSP430 Launchpad dev board (they call 'em booster packs).  Anyhow, whenever I want to download new code in the Launchpad the process hangs up somewhere in the middle of the transfer, except when the booster board is removed.  Then the transfer works fine and the Launchpad works fine even with the booster pack installed.  I looked real close and could not see anywhere that could be loading either the power rail or signal lines on the MSP430.  Has anybody else come across similar problems with downloading code through the USB with an add-on board connected to Launchpads, Arduino's or similar things?  If necessary I can see about getting a schematic posted here to have a look.

Re: TI Launchpad - Red Board Blues

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