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Slotted holes visible in rendered image?


I have submitted my gerbers, but I haven't paid yet (thanks, PayPal).  I can see my rendered board and it looks great.  One of my components uses slotted holes.  They look great on my laptop gerber preview, but in the dirtypcbs render I do not see a slot, only one round hole at what would probably be the start of the slot.

So, my question is, should slotted holes appear as slots in the render, or is it okay if they just appear as round holes at the start of the slot?

I exported my gerbers from KiCAD, but I did not rename the .drl files to .txt.  However, because I see holes in the render it seems that your renderer understands .drl files.


P.S. I will figure out how to pay soon.  I think I need a different card.  If you were ever considering using a different way to accept payments I would encourage you to do so.

Re: Slotted holes visible in rendered image?

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I resubmitted the gerbers, this time renaming .drl to .txt.  The result is the same.

I'd rather keep the filenames as .drl as it's one less step to do.