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Dirty LCD

Some time Greeeg wrote about cheapo Nokia 1202 LCD http://

I didn't like using random SMT conversion board, so created a really dirty board using thermo transfer method on the magazine paper.  Well the whole thing came out dirty :)

A bit later I figured I would try Dirty PCB to get professional board dirt cheap (thanks Ian!).  The results are included.  Oh, I've used design from and they are in the store as well http://  (I am not associated with both parties).


Well, that's why they call it Dirty [cheap] PCBs  :D

Re: Dirty LCD

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Hey Toxic, Catmacey here.
Glad to see someone found my board useful!

Re: Dirty LCD

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As a bit of a followup;

The LCD Break-out Eagle files are on Github in case you want to use them as a starting point for something else.

I created this board for use as the display on my mini drum machine.  I was using the classic Nokia 5110 84x48px LCD which you can find everywhere but moved to the 1202 because it was really cheap and gives you more pixels (96x68px) to play with.  I made the break-out as a drop in replacement for the Spark fun Nokia 5110 break-out hence the unconnected pin 5.

If you are interested in seeing the display running (in the drum machine) there is a demo on youtube.

The source and Eagle files for the drum machine are also available on Github including and includes code for getting the LCD up and running if that's useful for you.