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Question regarding payment


This is my first post, and I haven't used dirtypcbs yet.  I can't find the answer to this question, so here goes.  If I submit an order to the website and it is rejected by the pcb fab, do I lose my payment?  I understand I can iterate the design a few times in the couple of days before it goes to the fab, but if it gets sent there and rejected can I modify the design again without paying again?

I am planning to make a small 5x5 pcb with mousebites using KiCAD.  It's ready to go, and I'm almost tempted to just send it and see what happens.

Thank you.

Re: Question regarding payment

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Don't worry about it.  I am sure I'll be fine.

Re: Question regarding payment

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Sorry, I did write a reply but maybe forgot to post. IF there is a problem you have the option to submit again or refund.
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Re: Question regarding payment

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Thank you.  That's great!