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Firmware v2.1

I just put together v2.1 compiles for all hardware:

Here's the change log:
*Firmware v2 IS compatible with bootloader v0f and v0g, and v2. Upgrade to bootloader V2 if possible.
*Press 'i' to get your PIC revision.
*Hardware I2C added, major I2C bug fixes.
*Bulk writes (0xff:12) for most libraries.
*Press '=' for HEX/DEC/BIN conversion.
*New public domain software I2C library, bugs fixed.
*All software libraries now use central bitbang routines with speed settings.
*JTAG XSFV programmer removed to make room. We'll replace it with a 'real' SFV programmer in the future.
*JTAG chain probe now detects multiple devices, fixed numbering error, refreshed interface.
*Smartcard marco updated. RESET signal now controlled by Bus Pirate CS pin. LSB reads forced for ease of use and ISO compliance, added warning.
*Spanish, Italian translations.
*Firmware for Bus Pirate v3 first release.
*Better translation use, cleaner terminal text.
*General spelling and menu fixes.
*Small bug fixes here and there.

This release has major terminal appearance updates, you might notice a lot less YELLING from menus. I also corrected terminology wherever I saw issues (such as 'open drain' instead of the slang 'Hi-Z'). Feel free to contribute changes to the us_EN translation file.

This release includes Spanish and Italian localized versions, but I only made them for v1a and v2go. If you want another combination, just ask, these are the only ones that I know are being used.
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Re: Firmware v2.1

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is it possible to tell which version of the boot loader your using from the interface?

maybe it is something to add to the "i" command.


Re: Firmware v2.1

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Unfortunately, I don't know of an easy way to do that. Perhaps looking for the last byte of the bootloader sector and determining it by length? It would be a pain to do cross-platform since there are minor differences, but maybe ok just for the popular v2go.

There are other ways to guess:
1. If you've got v2go from Seeed, and you haven't upgraded the bootloader with a 'real' programmer through the ICSP header, then you have bootloader v0g.
2. If you've upgraded and the MODE LED lights when you go into bootloader mode, then you have v2, else you have v0h.
3. If you have the v1 Fundamental Logic Bus Pirate kit, then you have v0f.

Bus Pirate v3 will ship with bootloader v2 or later, and firmware v2.1 or later.
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