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110v Soldering Station Build No. 2

This project is build number 2 of a 110v temperature controlled soldering station. It is a follow-up post to the project that I was working on last October.

Blog post with complete details here: ... uild-no-2/

This version has a couple of improvements over the first build. This new soldering iron is a better unit and was less expensive than the first one.


A chisel tip plus a selection of other tips was available for this soldering iron instead of being limited to a conical tip only.


This new soldering iron includes  a ground wire which made it possible for a grounded connection.


Like the first version, a thermocouple was mounted internally inside the soldering iron and the power cord was replaced with a flexible multi-conductor cord and a 4-pin DIN connector.


The thermocouple was adjusted so that the tip temperature matched the thermocouple reading making it unnecessary to require any temperature offset adjustment in the controller.


This is an easy project that requires only basic skills to build and it makes a pretty good shop tool. It’s performance is on par with similar commercially available units.