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order stencil only? electropolish 0.200mm?

Hi, is it possible to order *just* a framed steel stencil?

If so, are you guys able to do electropolishing (also called "bga plating" or "nickel plating")?

Can you do 0.200mm-thick steel (that's thicker than most people use).

If no, can anybody recommend a good stencil house that can do the above (the electropolishing is optional but the 0.200-thick is required) with a hollow aluminum frame?  All the Chinese shops use hollow aluminum tubing.  The local companies here in the US use solid cast aluminum because the domestic shipping isn't so expensive here and the solid cast gives better tension over a longer life -- but we have a weird stencil printer and the heavy cast is causing problems.

Seeed won't do 0.200mm, PCBWay won't do electropolishing, and Elecrow has screwed me over twice now.

FWIW I order a stencil almost every week, so this would be a nontrivial amount of steady business.