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Re: Price hike coming! But boards are even cheaper for VDPs

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Thanks everyone. When the site is straightened out will get this sorted.

I second/third/fourth the EU customs value stuff. Getting hit with a 1euro tax and 24.95 euro handling fee in Holland consistently irked me. Thankfully The Netherlands was never as aggressive with the little brown hong kong post boxes from China as some other countries (Germany, looking at you!). I will keep that in mind.

The 5x5 and 10x10cm standard is just what every board house in china sells. Maybe we can get our contact to add a new size that will fit arduino shields :)
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Re: Price hike coming! But boards are even cheaper for VDPs

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No issues with the price increase - as I've commented in the past, just the ability to do the mixed panels makes it worth every cent / penny to me. Being cheeky I'd even ask for a slightly larger option (15x15 or 20x10 say, or whatever works in panel multiplies) to allow bigger prototypes or bigger mixed panels.

As for the carriage, two suggestions for you. use an outfit called PostNL - it appears they ship in bulk to Holland then use cheaper regional post services in to Europe. Not sure how cost effective they are but delivery times are usually around a week so not as fast as DHL but faster than normal post.

Alternatively, if you can find local friendly hackers in the various regions maybe replicate that. I don't know the volume of orders you handle but if you can send even 20 at a time in one parcel to be split and shipped on at local postal rates it may well be cheaper.