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SoB PCB sizes and Eagle PCB template library

Sick of Beige is a set of specifications for PCB size and layout that make it easier to design project cases. We settled on square and golden ratio rectangle shapes, in sizes that match the popular cheap PCB services at Seeed Studio and itead. A matching Eagle parts library makes it easy to design with the specifications.

Here's the DP library for the default PCB sizes. No parts, just PCBs

30x30mm (DP3030)
40x40mm (DP4040)
50x50mm (DP5050)
60x60mm (DP6060)
70x70mm (DP7070)
80x80mm (DP8080)

Golden Rectangle
50 x 31mm (DP5031)
60 x 37mm (DP6037)
70 x 43mm (DP7043)
80 x 49mm (DP8049)
90 x 56mm (DP9056)
100 x 62mm (DP10062)

Eagle freeware max size
100 x 80mm (DP10080)

Key values
PCBs have 4mm corner radius
3.2mm mounting holes, 4mm from center of hole to edge of PCB
We recommend minimum 6mm keepout around mounting hole to leave room for the standoffs
We recommend minimum 1.7mm edge keepout for case clearance

DP Standard Board Keepouts and restricts
-a 1.7mm width 39 tkeepout and 40 bkeepout around the board edges
-a 3mm radius 41 tRestrict and 42 bRestrict with its center on each 4 holes
-a crosshair like centerline for the board in 49 Reference layer
-a usb center for the major axis of the board in 49 Reference layer at 5.25mm from edge
-board name on the back 26 bNames e.g. DP6037 (lower right), 1.27mm size, 12% ratio

Other notes for case designers
-we see PCB widths vary up to +0.4mm, and recommend you design for up to +0.4mm of extra PCB in both directions