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What happened to 10050 SoB form factor?

Hi there,

I see in Eagle parts library that the Sick of Beige 10050 (100mm x 50mm) template is present.

However, I cannot find the SketchUp template file nor does SeeedStudio carries that form factor in their stock. Is there a reason for this?

I made a PCB with this form factor and I must say it's not to tempting to use their custom laser cutting service compared to the ones already available for purchase at $3! The 10050 case is a little over 10cm wide so 20cm x 20cm price must be used for custom laser cutting service, which is quite a step in price from 10 x 10!

Did this form factor ever existed, or is it a scraped one that got left in there by mistake?


Re: What happened to 10050 SoB form factor?

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yeah mate, i am in the same boat and was about to try to email the /dev's but saw your post and decided to reply here instead.