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Hacker Camp Shenzhen 6 welcome email


Thanks for joining us in Shenzhen for a week of electronics, manufacturing, and parties.  If you haven't already please install WeChat and add me, "dian-ian", I will add you to the group chat.

There's also a new hacker camp forum. If you have any questions please post here so everyone can benefit from the answer:


Please review the Visit Shenzhen wiki, is has all the info we've compiled from previous camps:

Now is the time to apply for your Chinese (tourist) visa. It's a fast and easy process for most people, and most won't need an invitation letter. In the US I've been using China Visa Service, they're very efficient. Please don't count on a visa at the border, we'd hate for you to be stuck in Hong Kong. After consulting with our accountant we find that we are not yet able to issue visa invitation letters from our Chinese company, if that is a problem we will help you work something out.

City Inn (also called GoldMet) is the recommended hotel, we will meet here for most activities. The WiFi is terrible, the rooms are basic and clean. If it seems booked up, try instead of Expedia.

As part of your camp fees you will get a prepaid 3G SIM card with 1GB of data that works in Hong Kong and mainland China. The data is routed through Hong Kong and is NOT censored in China. We will leave these at City Inn, please pickup when you check in.

Here is a mobile-friendly map of the market and surrounding area with several different layers: ... uaqiangbei

When you get here please DO NOT TAKE UNLICENSED TAXIS at the border, train station, or airport! Not because it's dangerous, but because we're bored of hearing the same stories every time. Unless you speak Chinese and negotiate the proper price, they will charge you 20x too much. It's not a scam if you just failed to negotiate properly. Ignore all guards, touts, etc and go directly to the marked taxi area.

We expect about 30 campers and 7 local volunteers this time, it is going to be huge! Look forward to seeing you in Shenzhen!

Got a question? Please ask in the forum for the fastest answers.