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Get WeChat, join the Shenzhen_hacker_bei

WeChat is the main chat program in China and all around Asia. We have a neighborhood/hacker camp group chat with around 100 people. Install WeChat on your phone, before you enter China if you're using the blocked Google Play store. Add me, "dian-ian", and mention that you are coming to hacker camp. I will add you to the group chat.

Anyone is welcome, but the primary purpose is to address pressing issues like "who is going to BBQ tonight?".

WeChat doesn't publicize their exact group chat policy, but at around 150 members new people are forced to link to a Chinese bank account. Lurkers, especially those without profile pictures I recognize, are culled on a regular basis. Don't invite that hot guy or girl to the group chat to impress them with how many cool people you know, we don't have room.</snark>
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Re: Get WeChat, join the Shenzhen_hacker_bei

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i know this is an old thread.. but figured I would req to join the group, because currently I am quite bored with all the groups of english teachers, and quite bored with Longgang in general.

Re: Get WeChat, join the Shenzhen_hacker_bei

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I tried to add you. This is Tiger Huang from Shanghai.
I want to be part of the Hacker Bei :-)