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110v Soldering Iron Controller

This is a project for a do it yourself 110v temperature controlled soldering station.


I have uploaded a YouTube video here:

Blog post with complete details at this link: ... g-station/

A 110v 60w regular plug-in soldering iron was modified:


A thermmocouple was placed internally inside the soldering iron and the power cord and AC plug was replaced with a flexible multi-conductor cord:


A single 4 pin DIN connector was used.

The controller is a simple circuit and was made from a PID temperature controller plus a 25 amp SSR:


This is a photo of the back of the unit:


In this photo the temperature is checked with a tip thermometer:


This is the 3rd version of the same idea - placing a thermocouple inside a regular plug-in soldering iron. The first two versions had gradual improvements but the power cord and thermocouple cable together were very stiff and hard to work with. This version solves that problem.

This is an easy project and it makes a pretty good shop tool. It is on par with similar units that are commercially available.

This particular soldering iron was a little slow to heat up - probably because of the massive tip. There are similar models that I think may heat up faster. I'm working on one now, plus it has a better tip selection. I will post updates if anyone is interested.

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You're welcome. I'm glad you found it useful :)