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rtl-sdr ook analyzer and measure time

I'm analyzing a signal RF OOK with a RTL-SDR device. I'm a newbie with GnuRadio so I use it only for make a wave audio of the signal and analyze it. This is my flow graph taken from here
How I can extract the time in ms/us when there is modulation and when there is silence? I tried with audacity but is not easy to calculate.
I tried to use the project rtl_433 with command line

Code: [Select]
-a -s 1000000
for analyzing but it with give me only:

Code: [Select]
*** signal_start = 8925959, signal_end = 9279917
signal_len = 353958,  pulses = 191
Iteration 1. t: 483    min: 323 (87)    max: 643 (104)    delta 99289
Iteration 2. t: 486    min: 323 (89)    max: 650 (102)    delta 49
Iteration 3. t: 486    min: 323 (89)    max: 650 (102)    delta 0
Pulse coding: Short pulse length 323 - Long pulse length 650

Short distance: 320, long distance: 643, packet distance: 11349
Is there a way for convert pulse length in time? I see if I change the sample rate change also the length.
I tried the project ook_decoder but doesn't work it see only rumors.

Sorry for my very newbie question and thank you for your suggestions.

Re: rtl-sdr ook analyzer and measure time

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I analyzed with baudline and I have extracted these times:
650us for long pulse
328us for short pulse

so with rtl_433 and the sample rate at 1000000 I have distance in us. Is it correct?