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I bought RC helicopter yesterday and it's IR one so first thing I did is to see what IR Toy has to say about it :) First thing i noticed is that when you for example push throttle it I guess sends command and then for next couple seconds continues to emit something like data stream. I recorded couple seconds with irtoy.exe and replayed successfully. Then I wanted to see in OLS how the stream looks... And then I saw that there is limit to 1k for irtoy :(
Because Im not programmer but occasionally write some  vb code and lately use autoit mostly for simple things I made in autoit simple program to convert irtoy.exe hex data from .bin file to ols file format... quick sample that i tried works ok ... anyway... here is source and compiled exe ... you just select bin file and ols file is created next to it... you can use and modify code as you wish

Ill go now back to where I started... analyzing RC heli's IR stream :)

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Fantastic, thank you.  I checked this into the IR Toy Scripts folder in SVN: ... /IRToy2OLS

This is a really good idea, we'll also add it to the IR Toy recorder app! Do you have any tips? I've worked with the raw binary data from the OLS serial stream, but I have no clue about the save file format. We'll just add something based on your code. Thanks again!
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Hi Siklosi,

    There is a new version of this irtoy at the svn (v0.4).
    It should be able to receive continous stream of data from the IRToy
    and by adding -o at the command line, it will create OLS format file similar to your autoit app.