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Hello again! Embedded system inspired by Henrik + an update.

First things first, I took my site offline a year or so ago and have been putting up getting a new version back up. I finally decided to just stick it in a subdomain and update all (yes, all of them, or all of them except the ones I accidentally missed) the links here to point to the new site, Apologies for them being down for so long. It's actually running behind an nginx server using docker on Digital Ocean, here is the dockerfile.

Secondly, I figured that since I updated the links, might as well throw this up here for those who don't read reddits /r/electronics subreddit. My embedded linux system has had an initial documentation pass and is up! I am still writing a new CMS for my site, so it doesn't have proper documentation yet, but this should hopefully be enough to get started for anyone who wants to do something similar.

There was also tons of information in the following reddit discussion for those interested.

So, yeah, hello again! :P

Aw, I just realized phpbb doesn't support markdown. :(