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Free cable build (no PCB this time...)

OK, due to the mishap with sending out the stuff from the free coupons I waited a little bit longer than usual. In addition to the Buspirate probe labels I got a "Make Your Own Cable Kit" sample set. Cables is something one can never have enough on an electronics workbench :)

So this is what I got in my mail:
Looks nice. Time to take it out of the bag:
Oh, one of the wires is trying to escape! What I was always wondering (since its never stated): is the cable big enough to make use of all crimp housings or do I need to choose? Turns out it has just the right amount of wires.

I like the feel of the cable, the wires feel thicker than the normal ones in a ribbon cable.

Time to mount it together:
Biggest difficulty: decide which colors should go together. Unfortunately one cannot choose the order of the colors in the ribbon cable - it would have been cool to have a black or red wire at the end of each cable assembly to see whats pin 1. I managed to get one assembly with red and one with black at least (blue and green are also OK I think).

Thanks again to DP!