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Bootloading a blank Bus Pirate 3.8

I just hand-soldered my free Bus Pirate 3.8 (first SMD soldering work).
Problem is : I don't own a PIC programmer to burn the bootloader for the first time.
Is it possible to bootload a blank Bus Pirate with another method ? I'm versed in AVR programming, but I'm very new into PICs.

I have some arduinos (I use one of them as a AVR ICSP programmer, it is 3.3/5v compatible), a USBASP programmer, various ATmega / PIC chips. I could also borrow a friend's BusPirate if needed.

I saw this post (http:// and http:// about using a ATmega8 (or USBASP ?) to program the Bus Pirate, but I couldn't find the related schematics.

Thanks for your help !

Re: Bootloading a blank Bus Pirate 3.8

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Sjaak's method seems nice. However, if it fails, you can use another Bus Pirate to program yours: ... Programmer