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Re: Where did hobbyists get electronics before 1921?

[quote author="Chuckt"]What was there before then?[/quote]

First of all, I think that being able to order things off electronics wholesalers as a private customer is a lot more recent thing than the wholesalers themselves - realizing that you can do this is partially what sparked my interest in building stuff again. Not all of them do it even these days, so you have to go through a reseller and pay their markup.

I used to be able to get components from local radio/tv repair shops way into the 2000's, they often had things in stock or ordered them on the side of their own orders. Similar arrangements have probably existed as long as there have been radio receivers and people repairing them. Similarly, working (or knowing someone who does) for a company that manufactures things that use interesting parts has always been a way to get them.

Besides those, surplus and second-hand parts and devices have always been available from varying sources.


Re: Where did hobbyists get electronics before 1921?

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Look in the magazines of the era to see what was available mail order.  After the great war (WWI) military surplus stores would have had radios for sale.  Hand-made parts were also more common then.