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Making an FPV System

Well, this is not a actual design and make from the beginning project but more like a ""hack""! Yes, it is on double quotes!

I've started flying quadcopter and tricopters a few months ago and now I am going towards FPV (First Person View). So, instead of having all the cables around and the different components on top of the other I put the receiver inside the small LCD screen and connect everything internally. The result is compact and most of all cheap!

I am sure that I could do a better job with the cables!
Latter, I will include a video recorder, I will add a 3.5mm jack for the second output of the receiver and I am designing a diversity receiver as well (again it will go inside the plastic cases of the LCD screen). The first input of the receiver will use the already available circular polarised antenna and the second input will use a panel type or helical antenna!

And yes! Some DangerousPrototypes stickers making this prototype more "dangerous" and an official entry into the makers/hackers community!!!

The full project is here: FPV System