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Logic Sniffer downloads, help, FAQ

This is a thread to keep track of the latest Logic Sniffer updates.

Latest update package
Available at the Logic Sniffer download page
List of various stand-alone utilities and download locations

I see noise on the disconnected channels
Unconnected channels float with the signal on connected channels (and any fluorescent lights in the room). It is harmless, but you can also ground the unused pins if you find it annoying.

I capture but don't see any signal
You may have the capture speed set too fast for the signal. Try a lower speed, roughly twice the speed of the signal you want to capture. For example, a 200MHz capture speed is too fast to record any changes in a 50KHz signal change before the samples run out. A 100-400KHz sample rate is much better for a 50KHz signal.

Various known bugs and limitations
List of firmware, bitstreams, and working features.

Device not found, connection problems, reliability issues?
There were lots and lots of problems with the v1 bitstream and firmware, most of them are solved by upgrading to the latest version (now v3+).
Available at the Logic Sniffer download page

Bootloader missing?
Unfortunately some preorder 1 Logic Sniffers shipped without a bootloader. Find out how to check for the bootloader, and your options if it's missing: ... er-rescue/
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