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DirtyPCB Charliecube

Inspired by the instructions provided by SobiGuy at SobiSource I built a Charliecube some while ago.

The rats nest of wires needed under the protoboard looked awful and the lousy quality of the cheap protoboard I bought off eBay meant that nothing was straight. In addition the base needed to hide the wires and Arduino was bulky than I appreciated.

I showed the cube at my local makerspace and proposed a build day. The interest was high enough to bulk order the various items needed for 10 kits.

Just before ordering the batch of protoboards I started to think about making a proper PCB instead of the protoboard and the dreaded rats nest. I checked the pricing at DirtyPCBs for black 10x10 boards and was thrilled to see that the pricing was only a bit more expensive than the protoboard and all needed extras.

Fritzing was fired up and after a couple of looong evenings hand routing the paths (for semi decent apperance) I was ready to order.

Since the dirty in DirtyPCBs imply that the quality is not the best I hoped for a great result but was ralistic and knew that I could receive PCBs that looked worse than I hoped for. However the PCBs I received where great! Thanks Ian for making this possible!


We have now had two build days and the result is great. One of the participants posted a great write up after today's session:


Re: DirtyPCB Charliecube

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Hi kjetilei

NICE CUBE :) :) :)

I want to make one for myself.
How to place the order for pcb's shown in your post on dirtypcb.

Thanks & Regards


Re: DirtyPCB Charliecube

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Hi 4nh51rk,

Thanks :)

I put up the PCB in the PCB shop ( ... be29bbd5c4) so that you can easily order it from DirtyPCBs. The preview doesn't work but the PCB is produced ok.

Let me know if you need the files to 3D print the jigs and base I designed for this project.We uploaded the gcode files in Finn's instructions blog post (, but they need to be replaced by the STL files to allow the parts to be printed on other 3D printers than the Felix 3.0.

Here are the URLs to the items I ordered (enough for 10+ kits):
Arduino Nano 3.0s - (I ordered these because they are supposed to have real FTDI chips - I would not count on it being true though...)
USB cables -
SMT male headers -
PCBs - ... be29bbd5c4
Wire - ... ket-p20926

Re: DirtyPCB Charliecube

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Hi kjetilei

BIG thanks for the URL's :) :) :) :)

Thanks & Regards


P.S sorry I can't qoute your post
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no access to 3D printer :(