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ytimer: visual feedback timer

Just received these boards I ordered from two weeks ago. Came with complimentary tweezers and all :D

Also received a USB microscope today, so here's a close-up of a SOT-363 package and some 6 mil traces. The silkscreen seems to be just a hint offset but certainly good enough.

Overall I'm very satisfied with the boards and the delivery time. Guess I'll start putting components on one now to see how badly I've messed up the layout :)

Re: Got something dirty in the post today...

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Enjoy the boards :)
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Re: ytimer: visual feedback timer

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Here's what became of one of the boards after a bit of soldering and programming: a countdown timer with visual indication of when the time's up instead of an alarm (there's a place for a piezo buzzer on the board tho, but I don't have any at the moment). My wife wanted one so i made one :)

Counting down...

Blinking! The displays are Kingbright SA52-11SURKWA's which were the brightest I could find. Sadly their availability isn't too great.

Here's the backside of the board. It's powered from 2 AAA batteries, hopefully they will last for a half-reasonable amount of time at least.

This project had a lot of firsts for me, so I'm quite pleased with how it turned out. It's designed to fit in a Hammond case, now all I need to do is drill holes in the perspex cover for the encoder and the buttons.

Re: ytimer: visual feedback timer

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And here's how the finished unit ended up looking like:

I put the design files and such up on my website.