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ATTiny85 Breakout Board

Hi All,

I (badly!) soldered up my first PCB, an ATTiny85 programming/breakout board.
It also has a header so I can connect it to my Bus Pirate, which I've been using as a programmer.



Thanks for looking!


Re: ATTiny85 Breakout Board

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where did you get the attiny board i wouldnt mind one too

Re: ATTiny85 Breakout Board

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The board is of my own design, and it was made by OSH Park. I've shared it on their website so if you want to order some you can here:

Its pretty basic and there is no onboard regulator so make sure to use a reliable source of power.

R1 10K
R2 150R
C1 100nF
C2 10uF

I did a quick write up on my blog. ... out-board/