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BIOS Flash over GPIO using the Raspberry Pi

Hello there :)

is it possible to flash an BIOS Chip (Board: MS 7502 v 1.2 with the BIOS W7502IM710C) over the JSPI Port with a Raspberry Pi?
My BIOS Update went wrong and the bootblock is not working.. I did not find the Board in the supported Hardware of flashrom :(
Will it work anyway?

My next Steps would be:

  • a) Download the File "W7502IM7.10R" (also attachted) Q: Ist this already in the right format (rom )for flashrom?
  • b) Download flash rom
  • c) Running the following commands:
    Code: [Select]
    sudo apt-get install pciutils-devel 
    //Switch to flashrom extracted dir
    sudo make
    sudo make install
    Code: [Select]
    sudo vi /etc/modprobe.d/raspi-blacklist.conf 
    //I would change file to:
    Code: [Select]
    #blacklist spi-bcm2708
    blacklist i2c-bcm2708
  • d) Directly connect the GPIO of the RPi with the JSPI oft the MS 7502 (see attachment) (For the Connection I would use a Pata Cable)
  • e)
    Code: [Select]
    sudo flashrom -w /tmp/W7502IM7.10R -V -p linux_spi:dev=/dev/spidev0.0 

I have no electrical skills, only programming experience, therefore i need to ask if this would work?