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Cannot detect S25FL127S SPI flash

Hello, I'm having trouble programming a S25FL127S chip. I just bought 2 and I tried both of them with a MiniPro TL866CS programmer, a Bus Pirate and an Altera Byte Blaster. All without success. The MiniPro can see the Chip ID just fine but cannot seem to properly write the data. Both the Bus Pirate (with flashrom) and Byte Blaster (with SPI prog) cannot get the Chip ID. Other chips like Winbond work fine.

I also tried to communicate directly with the Bus Pirate directly. All I get are 0's when sending the 0x9F command to get the Chip ID. Again, I don't have any trouble with other SPI flash chips.

What Am I missing? Could the S25FL127 requires specific parameters to communicate properly?


Re: Cannot detect S25FL127S SPI flash

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  Maybe the lock bits - at the bottom of page 55. ... 27S_00.pdf

"The next 4 higher address bytes (OTP Lock Bytes) are used to provide one bit per OTP region to
permanently protect each region from programming. The bytes are erased when shipped from Spansion.
After an OTP region is programmed, it can be locked to prevent further programming, by programming the
related protection bit in the OTP Lock Bytes."

Mick M

Re: Cannot detect S25FL127S SPI flash

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I thought about that but that would only explain why I would have trouble programming it with the MiniPro programmer.. Also, the Minipro programming software does have the S25FL127S chip in its database. However, the S25FL128 does have the same Chip ID and same flash space. I also tried selecting different chips and disabling ID checking. Always no go.

Also, even if I had locked down any OTP regions, wouldn't it still be possible to read the Chip ID with the Bus Pirate? It wouldn't be so much useful to lock up the Chip ID. Anyway, I'm still able to read the ID from MiniPro software as we speak.

I'm posting on DP forums because I've given up hope on MiniPro and want to go with the Bus Pirate way. If I can just get the Chip ID with the Bus Pirate at least I'll have a step in the good direction!


Re: Cannot detect S25FL127S SPI flash

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It's a neat little programmer. However it is believed that support by Autoelectric could be dropped. The firmware security was cracked and the hardware was schematized. Anyone could theorically clone this product; which could certainly push Autoelectric to drop this platform and build a new, more secure (and faster?) one to counter piracy. You can even download an easy all-in-one-click to change the firmware of your TL866CS into a TL866A and solder the ICSP header yourself.

Autoelectric stated that a new version with more ICs could be released early this year, will they do it for the TL866 or a new device?

Anyway back to the S25FL127S, I read the datasheet and locking OTP regions wouldn't disable reading the Chip ID. Also, by looking at Table 8.4 on page 57, Config and OTP regions locks are at the very start or the address space.

But by just writing this, I wonder if offsetting the binary file to write to 0x20 would result in a successful write? The problem with this is that I wonder if this region is normally available for normal data on other chips?

Anyway I'll try it, I don't have much to lose.

Re: Cannot detect S25FL127S SPI flash

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I was able to program at least the bootloader by selecting S25FL032A and unchecking
 "Off-protect before programming" and "Check device ID"