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Jawis-OLS-Client (0308) Capture Issues

Hello all,

Got myself a sniffer recentlym and I'm having trouble getting the client software working.

Windows Vista Home Premium 32-bit
Client downloaded from Gadget Factory, "Windows Full" option (forum won't let me post offsite link)
Client is version 0308 or 0.9.4 (I'm not entirely sure how those two numbers are related).
Hardware successfully enumerates as COM11

When a capture is started, the capture times out after a few seconds with "Capture Aborted! Failed to open/use COM11! Possible reason: no such port!" showing in the status bar.

This behavior does not change with any change of the capture settings that I have tried (COM port rate, sampling rate, trigger, test mode, RLE).
The TRIG LED stays lit, the ARM led never lights.
When first plugged in, the ACT LED blinks twice.

The only other topic on this subject in the forum is this one from 2011, but I couldn't glean any useful information from it.

If anyone could help, I would really appreciate it.



Re: Jawis-OLS-Client (0308) Capture Issues

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The 0.9.4 is really old, could you try upgrading to the latest from http:// and see if this solves your issue?
when good software is not an alternative...

Re: Jawis-OLS-Client (0308) Capture Issues

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OK, I'll try that as soon as I can.

But just to clarify for my benefit: I downloaded the "Windows Full" 0308 release from Gadget Factory which uses 0.9.4.

Is that page simply defunct? How do the releases there relate to the releases on

Re: Jawis-OLS-Client (0308) Capture Issues

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When the OBLS was just released, Gadget Factory did regular releases of their firmware with my client. However, they stopped doing that a while ago. This while I keep on improving my client (albeit a bit slowly at the moment), of which the latest version always can be found on http://
when good software is not an alternative...


Re: Jawis-OLS-Client (0308) Capture Issues

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OK, I'm up and running. Thanks for the help!