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Re: Controller Board for Adafruit's Large RGB Matrix Display

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Louis and I have started a community on Google+ if anyone is interested in joining us there.  It's much easier to share pictures and videos of your project on G+ than here.

We've been busy working on Aurora:

It's similar to and inspired by Craig's Light Appliance sketch.  It's a menu system for the SmartMatrix display for playing procedurally generated patterns and animated GIFs (from SD).  It can display a digital clock in the foreground over the patterns/animations if you have an RTC module attached.  It has support for dynamically defined scrolling text messages, read from SD, in ini-style text or JSON formats.  It's relatively easy to add new patterns to the menu.  I've added a page to the wiki that outlines the process here: ... g-Patterns

Re: Controller Board for Adafruit's Large RGB Matrix Display

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It's been a long while since I posted, here are a few updates:

I created two guides on the Adafruit Learning System for projects using the SmartMatrix Shield, and I have a couple more guides planned.  Following both guides you can put together a display that runs the Aurora sketch Jason just shared.

I made a new version of the SmartMatrix Shield, similar to what we started discussing about four months back.  This has an SD card slot, and brings out more pins from the Teensy.  It has a rearranged expansion port that groups pins by functions for I2C, IR receiver, CC3000 module or SPI + UART.  I made up a small batch of these and sold most of them as part of a bundle at World Maker Faire in NYC, and have a handful left over I'm selling through a Tindie Store.  The shield is more expensive as it's not just a PCB and bag of parts, the board needs to be partially assembled and tested before shipping.


The latest Teensyduino includes PJRC's Audio Library, and I updated the SmartMatrix Library to support it.  Jason made a sketch that implements a basic spectrum analyzer and that's included as an example in SmartMatrix Library v2.1.

I've been posting more frequently at the Google+ Community Jason mentioned.

Re: Controller Board for Adafruit's Large RGB Matrix Display

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I have a 32x32 LED panel, a Teensy 3.1 and installed it on the SmartShield. I can not compile due to Adafruit_GFX.h not being found by the Arduino 1.05r2 . I downloaded: and installed: RGBmatrixPanel.h is in the library:C:Program Files (x86)ArduinolibrariesRGBmatrixPanel. where do I get all the SW tools?

Re: Controller Board for Adafruit's Large RGB Matrix Display

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RGB-matrix-Panel sounds like it is a library by Adafruit, not the SmartMatrix Library which was designed for the Teensy 3.1 and the SmartMatrix Shield.

You can get the latest version of the SmartMatrix Library here:

There are more details on library installation here: ... ensy-setup