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Bus Pirate Reference Sheet

Hey all from Australia,

Being new to bus pirate, I created my own printable stickers to cut and stick labels to the case and probes.

I also took the time to compile an A4 Bus Pirate v3.b reference sheet from various sources, that would be useful to somebody with a smartphone to scan the various QR codes on it. This was created in the mind of somebody who wont be using the Bus Pirate too often, and may occasionally need a refresher to jig their memory. Its free for anybody to use as it is just a handy compilation for me, all sources are linked to if you need to know more about it.

Have a look at the attached pdf, and let me know what you think about it, and if there is any inaccuracies that I may need to take note of. Feel free to ask me for the source if you think you can lay this out better.

Near the top of the pdf is also a copy of what my printed sticker looks like, what do you think?

Hope it helps somebody here.

Re: Bus Pirate Reference Sheet

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Oh, and btw, what is the situation with GUI for bus pirate, is there any good current one out there?

Re: Bus Pirate Reference Sheet

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Some might also find this colour wiring detail useful for the Bus Pirate 4 Probe Kit from Seeed.

As supplied to me by SEEED, there are two black cables with black probes and two white cables with
white probes as supplied which can cause confusion.

It also seems from subsequent posts that the probe colours are not always
the same.

Best to rely on the cable colours - the new heat shrink labels on probe kits will prevent any
confusion in future - assuming they are available for the V4.
(See http:// for more info)

Anyway - below are the cable/probe colours that were on my V4 probe kit (Jan 2014)

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This was the one I'd put together for the Bus Pirate V4 for the Seeed cable. I have the SVG somewhere (if I can find it...)

Bus Pirate Reference Sheet

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Good job thanks!

Re: Bus Pirate Reference Sheet

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[quote author="Graham242"]This was the one I'd put together[/quote]

Excellent - seems silly of me to re-invent the wheel but I only previously found references for the V3.

My SEEED cable/probe appears to have different colour combinations - maybe the probe colours are random!

Many thanks.

Re: Bus Pirate Reference Sheet

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As I found the SVG, I've uploaded - then you can change it if need be. I've had to upload it as zip as svg isn't permitted...