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12mm rotary encoder breakout

Very simple breakout board without so much as pullup resistors, just breaking out all 5 pins to a pin header. The PCB features enlarged holes to fit generic encoders.

Blog post: ... akout.html

Github repo:

Re: 12mm rotary encoder breakout

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 thanks for that.
Now I can use the one I have.
I was unable to find a footprint for it.

Mick M

Re: 12mm rotary encoder breakout

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The package was originally from the DP library. I didn't get the adjustment quite right for the encoders I have because they don't sit perfectly flat on the board. The 2 larger holes that stabilize the case may need to be closer together. After soldering it all looks OK.

I must say, if I had realized at the outset that you could buy a rotary encoder module for $1.49 shipped I wouldn't have bothered. I don't really need 10 of them at the moment.