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Re: New uIP code features

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There isn't an HTTP server for the uIP stack yet, but there are a bunch of open source embedded server projects that implement a full or partial HTTP server. It looks like they have a new version since I last saw it, with a bunch of new features and good documentation: ... tack.shtml

The FreeRTOS+uIP port from Eric (and possible the other port too) comes with a working HTTPD.


Re: New uIP code features

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I'm a dspic coder and got a webplatform board to play a bit with uip, mostly because of its DMA capabilities.

My current efforts are based on r219, before the introduction of timesharing (that doesn't agree with some of my intended purpose).

However I'm stuck getting my main interest UDP to run. Does anybody have demoes where usage of UDP (client and server)in this particular uip version could be extracted from? I tried to look into newer UDP but there the (e.g. DHCP) demoes use BIND and LISTEN that miss for udp in this version.  The older uip's only seem to have a resolver lib (client) to demonstrate UDP.

Re: New uIP code features

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Probably best to start a new topic on this, but I had UDP send and receive working fine to sync the RTC with NTP.

I can drag out the source code as another member was asking about it too.  I've given up on FreeRTOS on the webplatform, hit too many hard-to-debug limits with stack size, and gone back to uip-only.