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Re: $6 clone vs. a $150 original

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That's funny, I'm trying to get some (1000) slide switches on Alibaba.

Now that you mention it, probably 2/3 of my questions go unanswered on Alibaba, and maybe 1/3 on AliExpress.  My experience is that it's easier to communicate with distributors than manufacturers (in English).  Alibaba has a lame messaging system that only allows English (IIRC), so even if you want to write in Chinese, you can't until you bounce the conversation over to email.

You should order some stuff for fun from DX just to see how it goes.  There's tons of Hello Kitty stuff there.

Re: $6 clone vs. a $150 original

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Well this is the post where Mats talked about getting his, $0.26 for 20 pieces http://

LOL - I don't know about 'Hello Kitty', but they've got lots of electronics related stuff for generally very good prices. These look handy http:// Maybe after Christmas I'll place an order - If there's any money left! Will let you know how it goes if I do - could be a laugh "How long till your order turns up?!"

Re: $6 clone vs. a $150 original

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I too got one of those logic analyzers from DX[dot]com and wanted to say THANKS for the software to the Saleae guys.

the conversion rates of USD with our currency PKR, means that for 149$, I did have to probably save all of my salary for the next 6 months and not spend any of it and in that time, hope that the conversion rates dont go any more UP.

We have a BP too at our little personal makerspace, but no scope or func gen or logic analyzer so we thought lets start with the analyzer, will post pictures with thank you post when we use it for some actual work... maybe in next 6 months or soo.