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Free PCB Build: xQFP80 Protoboard

Last week I received a xQFP80 protoboard from the free PCB drawer, which I have used to build a CPLD development board. It features a Xilinx XC2C64A with selectable I/O levels for each bank (3.3v, 2.5v and 1.8v) via jumpers and a PIC18F24J50 to enable USB functionality. I'm planning on using it to implement a custom SPI-like protocol to USB converter for a home automation device using this propietary protocol. Thanks DP for the free PCB!


Re: Free PCB Build: xQFP80 Protoboard

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Looks good :)  I got one turn up unexpectedly in the mail a couple of days ago - Thanks Ian :)
Now I've just got to try to find some time to build up a project!

This is the later version with the USB, different pitch on each side and the SOB style.