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Re: Android Application with USB IR Toy v2

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I'm currently playing around with flooding the irtoy with many commands in serial. Sooner or later I get into the problem that the led keeps on and the app hangs.
I can see in the logs for such cases that the irtoy is not responding with the handshake after sending a part of the hexcode (62 bytes). I also tried some sleep but there is also no response 3 seconds later. when this happens, there is never again any response, even not after the reset (5x 0xFF and start sampling mode).

does somebody know if I need to apply some sleep somewhen? (I saw it in some of the perl/python/c scripts).

the stuff with the freeze is very annoying. I did not found any logic when it happens or how long it requires to be in standby. maybe it depends on the device when it is going to deep sleep or so. but I can't solve it with a reboot.

It would be interesting if firmware v23 could fix these issues (the usb stack should be rewritten). but I have no idea about the current state of the firmware. there is one post but also later a comment that the version is rubbish.