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Help me decide if broken or not

I just got my USB IR Toy v2 and need to know if it broken from start.

So, got an issue with the IR diod that seams "dead" (not transmitting)

- 2 computers (Windwos server 2003 32-bit and Windows 7 64-bit)
- 2 different USB cables
- Video the unit to see if the diod transmit anything
- Diagnosed with IRToySelfTest
- Upgraded and Downgraded firmware

And pic of error in IRToySelfTest:

Help plz

Re: Help me decide if broken or not

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The output you're getting from the serial link seems to me as raw NMEA sentences delivered by a serial GPS receiver... Are you sure you're connecting to the right COM port?

Re: Help me decide if broken or not

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Maybe this IR toy has a split personality and thinks it's a GPS?

Probably a silly suggestion, but could there perhaps be a GPS unit with an IR link in the room that is somehow interfering with it? He says he's used different computers, so unless they all have the GPS unit attached it would seem a bit odd.

Re: Help me decide if broken or not

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Wow, I feel really silly now.
That is indeed the output of the internal GPS in my Dell laptop.

I will come back with another screenshot (I know the other computer gave another (shorter) error...and that I know was the right COM port entered in the bat file)

Thank you once again. Will post here again in a few hours.

Actually the COM15 does not exist in my laptop now when IR Toy not connected... and the GPS is using another COM port. And also remebering that I unplugged/plugged the IR Toy just to make sure of what COM port it used (I have 5 other COM ports active)
..bug in Test software?

Re: Help me decide if broken or not

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I think that the best way to help you decide whether your IR Toy is broken or not is establishing a serial communication with the right COM port via a serial terminal emulation software (e.g. Putty or Hercules) and press the 't' key as explained in the following web page ( ... umentation). If the IR Toy is good, then you should obtain the expected response from the hardware.

Conversely, if you get the very same response as in your screenshot this would mean that you're still connecting to the wrong (GPS) serial port...


Re: Help me decide if broken or not

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Seams to work! I really don't know what I have done to make it work but as you can see it is still COM15.

Thank you for your time!