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Executive decision maker pro

Hi All,

I was indecisive recently and needed good advice from my Executive Decision Maker and it turned out to be a good session with lots of yes and no. It also confirmed that I like making Plexiglas boxes ;-)

That session made me reinvest a bit of time in designing a kit-version of the machine, dubbed Executive Decision Maker Pro. The first thing I did was make a box. With the PhotonSaw working, that should be quite easy. The box will get some rubber feet screwed onto the bottom (don't like glue).
The next thing was to redo the electronics on a real PCB (one-sided). The largest change in the electronics is that I got rid of the current-sources. The planned LEDs are of much better quality than the original one I made with 3rd choice components.
I haven't ordered any PCBs yet because I am still looking into all he engraving that should be on the box and not the PCB's silk. However, I took some mockup images as an impression how it looks. The Pro version is slightly smaller than the euro-card sized original EDM. The Pro version's PCB is 98.5x148.5mm and the box measures 110x155x53mm.

The Plexiglas box, incl. all mechanical stuff, would cost about $25,- and the electronics and DC-connector, including pcb, but excl. 12V wallwart psu, somewhere between $25 and $31 (depending volume); packaged as a DIY soldering kit.

Let me know if you have any comments, requests or are interested in a kit. The Intentional Synchronizer makes the device indispensable for your upstream manager.

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Finally finished the kit. Full description is:


A friend of mine has been using it together with his small son to decide whether his son needs to go to bed. He really appreciates the decision maker for removing the endless discussions ;-)