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combining SVGs

i have designed a lasercut case for a nixie clock. the dimensions are 200x100x100mm, this will ends up in 4x 200x100 panel and 2x a 100x100mm panel. Unfortunately the panels are all different. I want to combine two larger panels into a 200x200mm panel (is ok according to the faq).

I tried inkscape to combine them but positioning them with the mouse it is not accurate. It could be me (prolly is) but is there any other method or trick (or program)?

Re: combining SVGs

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Inkscape: Group the object and then move the object to the proper position by typing the coordinates manually. There is an absolute position box x/y coordinates at the top toolbar (also has width/height). Be sure to calculate the position correctly by correcting for the line-width (need to move -1/2 line-width more to have the center at the position you want).
Note: coordinate 0,0 is bottom left.


Re: combining SVGs

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I didn't manage it in inkscape buy I found an easy way to do it in sketchup, by selecting multiple face and export it.

Still thanks for the help.