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Readin Registers from ethernet

Hye all.

Am a pic16 user, always programmed in assembly. :S recently tried the C compiler, i bought the assembled kit for the web server, and i was wondering if someone could tell me how to display all the registers within the pic on a webpage, i would be great to export the binaries from pic and eeprom and do the calculation on a connected pc, i thought of something like exporting the pic content to the sd card like in form of a txt file, but am a bit stuck with the c code

Further more how about to write these registers by editing the txt file, it would be an ethernet bit wacker, one could freely configure I/O and read the result. one firmware could do almost everthing....
Any one explored such features?

Re: Readin Registers from ethernet

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Unless I'm missing something, it seems easy enough to display the registers. Setup your own custom page handler (see CustomHTTPApp.c), read the registers and output the results in an HTML page or using the existing ~variable~ parsing method. You could even use inline asm in C :)

Re: Readin Registers from ethernet

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thanks for the reply, i've read the dynamic variable procedure meanwhile, from what ive understand is that the variables have to be predefined, so it make a really long procedure, was wondering it there wasnt any simpler way,

Re: Readin Registers from ethernet

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i was wondering could the webserver support connection using Hyperterminal? using request directly on a winsock connection i think could be more interesting...

any advice?


Re: Readin Registers from ethernet

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The web platform supports telnet and serial i/o over USB via a virtual comport, in addition to HTTP. You can use any/all of these methods to communicate with it and have it do your bidding.

Refer to the web platform manual at