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Cheap button cell holders

You might have seen the ultra cheap cr2032 holder using a paper clip that I've used in some of my projects.


The paper clip is a bit of a hack but works very well, but some times you want something a little bit more mainstream. Like the ones from Keystone that unfortunately costs about $1 a pop.


Of course you can get anything you want cheap from China ;-)  I just bought a few hundred of some different sizes in both SMD and ThruHole versions of a holder that only costs $1.63 for 100. (Yes, that's less than 2 cents each)  They work pretty well and are not too flimsy - but if you bend one of the legs back and forth a few times it will snap off, but that is only to be expected.


Link to  TaoBao for the item : ... 193480.0.0

Re: Cheap button cell holders

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That's a great idea to use the paperclip.  I'll have to remember that when I need something in a pinch.
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Re: Cheap button cell holders

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the cost of the pictured smd clip is low enough you might as well buy them in larger quantities than you need. planning a project around using a paperclip might be more hassle than the penny or two for an actual clip.

i do agree that paperclips are a fantastic hacker resource, however certain combinations of paperclips and rubber-bands should be avoided

Re: Cheap button cell holders

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Paperclips as a replacement for normal holders are somewhat more work. However, when you mill the PCB and have the battery inside the PCB, like matseng has done and shown, a paperclip is a nice alternative.