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FT311D breakout

Quiet some time ago I got a FT311D PCB from Ian. Finaly found some time to build it up and write about it.


I tried it on 3 devices, each with its own quirks:
- Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 (gt-p7500), samsung stock android 4.0.4: works ok
- Samsung Galaxy S plus (gt-i9001), CM10 android 4.1.2: freezes
- China ChangJiang A5000, android 4.0.4; ft311d get recognized, but after 1s the ft311d disconnects and reconnect (repeated)

I tried an other xtal, another ft311, reflowed the board several times, used other cable. I'm kinda clueless how to get it to work on all my devices. the used revision of the chip is 1C (latest afiak).

Another thing that didn't help troubleshooting is the error on the silkscreen regarding the jumpers, as you need to invert the jumpers. ANother one is the text USB_ERROR is confusing; as the led is lit when connected OK and unlit if in error.

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I'm looking forward to buying Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1. Is it a worth buying?

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Based on a publication in Circuit Cellar (Unleash Your Android Device’s Potential, Issue #281, December 2013) we designed a little PCB to connect your  phone or tablet to a breadboard or as part of a bigger PCB or project. The center of the circuit is the FT311D from FTDI, described as a USB Android Host IC. There are some minor changes but the schematic is more or less the same. As a power supply connector we use a micro-USB connector, since the charger for your Android phone will have this type of connection for charging and applications. The FT311D is based on the philosophy not to draw any power from the Android device to spare the battery, hence the need for an external power supply.  We called the function of LED1 “USB” instead of error, since a continuous illumination of the LED1 indication a good USB connection. Blinking means something’s wrong and if there’s no USB connection the LED is permanently off. pass4suredumps Pass4sureusa