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Newbie: Firmware with JTAG enable

Hi everybody! I'm quite new as bus pirate owner (2 hours maybe?), and I bought one of this nice tools to study some JTAG.
I have a v3.6 hardware, with v4.4 bootloader and it was a firmware verison 5.10
That firmware does not have the JTAG support, so I updated to 6.0 (which in theory should have the JTAG support enalbe in this table: ... nd_OpenOCD), but I dont' have the JTAG in the mode selection menu...
as I already said here: viewtopic.php?f=4&t=5568
I wanted to give a try to firmware v6.1, but ds30 tells me that the firmware would ovverwrite part of the bootloader, and I for sure don't wnat that...
what should I do to test the JTAG functionality?
Thanks in advance to everybody!

Re: Newbie: Firmware with JTAG enable

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What type of JTAG are you after? The new firmware does have the OpenOCD support, but it no longer has the terminal mode support where you manually type in JTAG commands. That is in the v5.x-extras firmware now. Most people find the openocd support more useful, and no one besides me reported using the terminal mode, so I axed it a while back :)
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