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MAX147 ADC SPI demo

Hi everyone,
I'm working on interfacing a MAX147 12-bit 8 Channel ADC to the web platform.
First step was to test it with Bus Pirate of course!

So, I fired up the excellent new BP GUI, wired a variable resistor to Channel 7, and started to play.

Attached is a photo of the set-up (web platform in background :-) ). Also attached is screenshot of the BP GUI, reading channel 7 value from the MAX147 chip (Channel 7 is easy to read, as the control byte can just be 0xFF !! ).



Re: MAX147 ADC SPI demo - dsPIC SPI problems.

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Hi All,

Now connected the MAX147 to the web_platform, and modifying the hello world program from the tutorial to read the ADC. I've wired the MAX147's SPI bus to the EEPROM SPI pins, and using IO1 to control the Chip Select.

See attached code. The program hangs in the EEPROM_SPIWrite() function, where it's waiting for more data to be sent, and I never see any activity on the SDO and SCK pins.

Any ideas? Have I forgotten to assign a Peripheral Select thing?