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AVR programmer on PIC

Just from pure passion to see how low-end PIC exercises AVR, I made this programmer.
Basically it is STK500 port on PIC16F1825. I took this ... 5101.shtml one, did some clean-up, wrote new hardware layer for PIC16 and voila - new programmer is born. It was done in one evening and night, ready to work in the morning. I didn't bother with USB (though there is a lot of DIP USB MCUs from microchip), as It would contain extreme amount of ICs - probably one more than this implementation - and I wanted to keep it simple and transparent. One can use FT232RL instead of MAX3232.
Well, what more? It works with both AVRstudio and avrdude. It has no ESD protection, but for recreational use (I don't like AVR very much) it is acceptable.
There is a lot of other programmers, as good (or better or worse) as this one. This is nothing special - I made it for sheer passion of PIC-AVR interracial marriage.

More photos here ... directlink

Re: AVR programmer on PIC

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This MPLAB project, as downloaded, seems to be setup for a 16F1823 device and fails to build.  After changing the device to 16F1825 it builds successfully.  Also, would you confirm that the crystal is 3638400 Hz, please?

Re: AVR programmer on PIC

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Yes, the crystal is 3638400 Hz.
Strange is the thing with MCU setting. 16F1825 is the right one, as you correctly guessed.

Edit: I tried to download the ZIP file, open in MPLAB 8.91 and there is correctly selected PIC16F1825. Importing the project into MPLABX 1.8 showed the same result.