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HotSnotPot - Failure

I've had a 12 volt 10 watt 250 centigrade PTC heating element laying in a box for a while now I and have a upcoming project where I want to coat a bunch of smaller pcbs in some kind of semi-transparent layer both for protecting it and for diffusing the light from a RGB led.

So I took a small tin and put the PTC element on the bottom with some thermal paste to increase the heat transfer into the tin. ( I used a popsicle stick here as well ^_^ ), put some cut up pieces of hot glue stick in it and then applied 12 volts and waited.

And waited, and waited.  After 30 minutes the bottom pieces had melted a bit, but most of it was not affected at all.  So I wrapped the entire can in some oven mitts to insulate the tin and keep the heat in it.  And waited some more...

After two hours most of it had melted, but the goo was *very* thick - so thick that if I poked it with a stick the indentation stayed there for several minutes.  Not really suitable for dipping anything in it, but it was hot enough to char the stick.

It seems like I have to say like Rutger Hauer said in this clip from Blade Runner (the absolute #1 move from last centrury), but with the "life" replaced with "power".

I'll get a 50w element and see the the snot becomes more runny (and yes - Pun intened)....