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ATX Breakout suggestion

Hi there

I'm using an ATX Breakout (without all this components, just the connector and the switch) to power a 3D printer (Prusa mendel).

My suggestion is to add a 2 pin header (or at least 2 pads) in parallel with the switch, to allow the board on the 3D printer to short them (I.E. with a transistor) and, in fact, turn on the PSU without the need to press the switch. This will make the 3D printer totally autonomous (from power up to power off, passing through the print itself)

This could be interesting for peoples who wish to automatically control the PSY

Right now, it can simply be done by soldering to wires directly to the switch, but its kinda hack :)


Re: ATX Breakout suggestion

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We have a v2 with all the signals brought to header :)
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Re: ATX Breakout suggestion

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oh yeah!

is the v2 documented somewhere ? I know that you used this project to learn using KiCAD for a while, but I didn't find anything else about the v2