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RFM22B - anyone have any experience?

I'm looking to develop a wireless link between a couple of micros. Anyone had any experience with the HopeRF RFM22B modules? I don't need a massive data rate, but I do need a bit of distance. I'm thinking (hoping) they'll be good for 600m+ outside at 433MHz using a reasonable antenna. Anyone got any thoughts?

I was thinking about buying a couple of these RFM22B breakout boards, ... -board-v2/, and their accompanying nanoTRONICS24 development boards, ... fm22b-lcd/

Also I know there is quite a lot of arduino / Atmel code out there for the RFM22B modules. I was hoping to work with a PIC24, does anyone know if there is a PIC port of any of this code? Or a PIC library for the RFM22Bs?

Thanks in advance.