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Can’t read in Raw SPI mode

I have problems with reading in raw spi mode. I always get 0x00 reading the MAA7456L chip.
In bus spi mode everything seems to work ok. For example I write to the R16 register value 0x05 and then I can read the same data:

write:      [0xAC 0x05]
read:      [0x2C r]      â†’ I get 0x05 here

In raw spi mode I always get 0x00 ($ indicates hex value for my terminal program):
$00$00$00$00$00$00$00$00$00$00$00$00$00$00$00$00$00$00$00$00 – enter raw bitbang mode
$01      - enter raw spi mode
$49      - configure peripherals
$63      - 1 MHz spi speed
$8A      - configure SPI
$02      - CS low
$11$AC$05 - write 0x05 to R16 register
$03      - CS high
$02      - CS low
$10$2C   - read R16 register → I get 0x00 here
$03      - CS high

So did I missed something?